Tshwane Compliance and Consent Index

tshwaneTshwane Compliance and Consent Index

Admissions/Enrolment Policy

Anti-Child Abuse and Child Protection Policy

Annexure A – Staff Employed at the ECDC, Thswane

Annexure C : Information of Children Admitted for the ECD Programme, Tshwane

Application for the Registration of a Partial Care Facility, Tshwane

Application to Register an ECD Programme, Tshwane

Basic Compliance Task List

Bylaws: R962 Food Handling

Bylaws Governing ECDCs, applicable to all preschools

Bylaws: Emergency Services, Chapter 2

Bylaws Tshwane

Checklist for a Health Certificate

Checklist for Final Inspection

Child Abuse Flyer

Children’s Act, Comprehensive

Children’s Act, Guide for ECD Practitioners

Children’s Act Summary, from Unicef

Crimes Database, Children’s Act

Emergency Policy, Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Procedures

Food and Beverage Policy

Fire Notes

Form 11 – Application to Register a Partial Care Facility, Provincial

Form 16 – Application to Register an ECD Programme, Provincial

Form 22 – Reporting Suspicions of Child Abuse or Neglect

Form 29 – To check the staff against the Crimes and Sexual Offenders Databases

Form 30 – To check the owner/Principal against the Crimes and Sexual Offenders Databases

How to Handle Suspicions of Child Abuse (from an ECD Practitioners point-of-view)

National Environmental Health Norms and Standards

National Environmental Health Norms and Standards – National

National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy – National

National Development Plan 2030: Our Future, Make It Work – National

Skills Development Act, 1998

Tshwane Town Planning Scheme

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