Planning and Prep

Snip20151123_3Planning and Prep

There are no words to express the importance of classroom management!

In a preschool, without routines, registers, planning and prep pandemonium will reign and you’ll wake up every morning wondering which crocodile will be snapping at you today!

In the classroom the teacher is the active manager, and you oversee it all. Here’s how:

Class Prep

This document takes away lots of problems and benefits both you and your teachers.

  • The teacher uses it to control what happens in her classroom, and when it will happen.
  • You use it to make sure that your classrooms are active, productive places and that all the Developmental Areas are being covered.
  • Every week (except during the holidays), on the same day, at the same time have a Weekly Prep Meeting.

Using the Weekly Prep Sheet will ensure that all the development areas are covered so that the transition into primary school will be smooth (that, after all, is one of our purposes). Every week (except during the holidays) on the same day and at the same time have a Weekly Prep Meeting. To this meeting your now well-prepared teachers bring:

  • The completed Prep Sheet;
  • Completed examples of the creative activity for the week;
  • A written copy of their baking recipe (if it’s happening that week), otherwise the name of child who is Bakerman
  • The assurance that the Bakerman’s mommy has been notified of Bakerman that week.
  • Names of songs, stories, rhymes are filled in on the page;
  • The method and result of the test experiment they did for science. Sometimes the children will only watch the experiment, and it should be kept simple. If a teacher has never used a particular experiment before, it should be tested first;
  • Which aspects of the Theme they’ll be discussing with the children during the language rings every day;
  • A couple of new words they will be emphasising that week;
  • An example of the tactile maths lesson.

Management Note: Children should only do very little only flat-work. Having said that, colouring is important, so a good balance is needed. The morning at school should be varied with activities across all developmental areas. Remember music and science.The must play purposefully and not sit at tables.

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Meaningful Theme Planning Made Easy

The 2017 theme lists below are a great planning tool and we’ve provided you with heaps of information to make your themes meaningful and current.

  • We started with the Human Rights and Children’s Rights Awareness Days
  • Then we added the Fun Awareness Days from the Cute Calendar
  • Next we applied themes, activities and/or discussion topics to the days
  • And finally we gave you Admin and Prep Reminders

By using themes and Awareness Days we’ll be giving the children information of what is going on in the world at any given time, helping them to grow into adults who live their lives in a mindful way. So, instead of teaching them how to manage in a hard, cold world we should rather be showing them how to change to world so that it becomes a better place.

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