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Childrens RightsChildren’s Rights and Responsibilities


  • National Development Plan 2030: Our Future, Make It Work – from page 294, this Plan spells out for us where South Africa wants it’s provision of Early Childhood Development to be in 2030. The Plan gives the long-, medium- and short-terms goals. They are:
    • Long-term goal: By 2030, a full, comprehensive  quality early childhood development programme is available and accessible to all infants and young children and their caregivers.
    • Medium-term goal: By 2024, essential components of the comprehensive quality ECD programme are available and accessible to all infants and young children and their caregivers.
    • Short-term goal: By 2017, Government has established:
      • The necessary legal framework(s).
      • The organisational structures and institutional arrangements.
      • The financing mechanisms necessary to support and realise its commitments to ensure universal availability of, and equitable access to early childhood development services.
  • National Health Norms and Standards – This is the policy that underpins your Health and Safety Policy. It contains facts that you need when applying for your Public Health Permit.
  • National Integrated Early Childhood Development Policy – ECD has prioritised ECD in it’s National Development Plan 2030: Our Future-make it work. In a nutshell it says that all children must have access to equitable, quality Early Childhood Development. The way we’re going to get there is outlined in this policy.
    • It covers the period from conception until the year before children enter formal school.
    • In the case of children with developmental difficulties and disabilities, until the year before the calendar year they turn seven (7), which marks the age of compulsory schooling or special education.
  • National Environmental Health Norms and Standards – explains how the health inspections will work, and gives all the info.
  • Basic List for Compliance – Use this list as the foundation of your ‘Compliance Plan’. As you attend to the various tasks this list might even grow before it gets smaller,and your Municipality will certainly cause further additions/changes to be made to the original list. Eventually it will be done though, so keep the perseverance flag flying high!
  • Children’s Act Guide for Early Childhood Development Practitioners – Essential reading if you own or manage a preschool.
  • Form 22, Reporting of Abuse – Download and print this form as it forms part of your Anti-Child Abuse and Child Protection Policy.
  • Form 29, Child Protection Register – used to check the status of every single employee at school.
  • Form 30, Child Protection Register – used to check the status of the owner/Principal.
  • Children’s Second Amendment Bill B13 2015 – It’s now written into law that nobody may word with a child unless they’ve been cleared through the Crimes Database – use Forms 29 and 30 above.
  • Children’s Second Amendment Bill B14 2015, Fostering and Adoption – this amendment will be of interest to preschools that are involved in the fostering and adoption of children.
  • Child Abuse Flyer – use this as a guideline when teaching the children to say “NO!”. It also give succinct ways for teachers to identify when abuse is happening to a child, and tells what to do about it. You can also use it when you download and edit your Anti-Child Abuse Policy.
  • The Child Abuse Rules developed by KwaZulu Natal will also be exceptionally useful.
  • Regulation 962 Food Handing – use this for Food Acceptability Certificate.

Curricula Downloads

Birth To Four Year Old Curriculum – full 316 page version, easy to implement

NELDS Guidelines – whichever curriculum you use, it must conform to these guidelines

Learn Not To Burn Preschool Programme – lovely 10 day curriculum

Caps Curriculum – Foundation Phase

NCF Poster

Employment landing pageEmployment

Electronic and Social Media Policy – This is part of the Employment Agreement and will keep your staff off social media and their telephones during working hours.


Download your free Enrolment Checklist – Edit this checklist to suit the unique requirements of your school, use it to ensure that each child’s personal file is complete with all the necessary documentation you need.

Snip20151123_3Prep and Planning


dreamstimelarge_43711091Reports and Observations

The Ultimate List of Words and Phrases to Use in Observations

South African Council for Educators (SACE)

SACE Application Form

SACE Registration Brochure

SACE Code of Professional Ethics – extremely useful, all your Teachers should have a copy

SACE CPTD (Continuing Professional Teacher Development) Brochure

SACE CPTD Signup Manual

 World Health WeekSafety, Health and Cleanliness 

  • Quarterly Checklist – Using the full series of checklists will go a long way towards and efficient, easy  management style.
  • List of Poisonous Plants – Many of the Health Workers check that the plants in the school garden aren’t poisonous and harmful to children.


By-Laws per Municipality




Kwa-Zulu Natal


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