The Legalities

Legalities To Pay Attention To

There are certain legal aspects that you need to pay attention to when you have a preschool in South Africa.

Your school is actually a business. It earns money and purchases goods, signs contracts with customers, employs people, pays salaries and taxes, AND it is to do with the children of South Africa.

When you run a business in our country there are requirements from local Government and the State. Local Government wants you to register with them and conform to the norms and standards of Land Use Management (LUM), EMS, Health and DSD. The State say you must implement the Basic Conditions of Employment, Consumer Protection (CPA) may be applicable and PAIA and POPI have to be done too.

PAIA = Promotion of Personal Information vs. POPI = Protection of Personal Information

Yes, this is very confusing. On the one hand we have to apply POPI and protect the information and, on the other, we have to implement PAIA which is about making information available. How confusing!

Well not really. The difference is that in PAIA no personal information must be available, only certain details about your school (company).

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