Gauteng Registration and Rezoning

 Gauteng Registration and Rezoning

Your school will always have to fly beneath the radar, unless it’s fully compliant

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Gauteng Regions


  • Gauteng is divided into six Municipalities.
  • Municipalities are divided up into Regions and often they each have their own unique requirements.
  • The forms that the Regions use are similar and they usually prefer them to be on their own letterheads, so generic forms off the internet won’t really work.
  • EMS in each Region will have their own unique Fire Notes.


Tools for School connects you with everything you need to comply

  • Get the Municipal By-Laws
  • Get the Land Use Management Policy
  • Read the step-by-step guidelines to the procedures
  • Download the forms and other documentation
  • Links to service providers

Scroll down to your Municipality and download what we have for you so far

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