All About Registration

All About Registration and Consent

Get compliant and fly high!

Social Development ensures that your Early Childhood Care and Education centre complies with the Children’s Act


Health Department makes sure of safety, health and cleanliness in your Centre

Hello and welcome!

Congratulations on deciding to get your preschool registered; it’s a huge step forward!



The road to Compliance is long

The rezoning and registration  procedures are difficult and lengthy and to our surprise we found that a comprehensive, easy-to-read  guide on How To Get Compliant wasn’t obtainable. There are massive amounts of information available, but it’s  fragmented.

We also discovered that our Government is very focused on Early Childhood Development because it’s a key ingredient in our fight against poverty, and quality Early Childhood Care and Education is an essential element.

There is funding, free training, food allocations and a myriad of other support structures for preschools out there.

But your preschool must first be Compliant before it can access the help and support.

This is where Tools for School comes in…
This overview, and the guidelines, will give you more clarity, and the form downloads will save you a huge amount of time and travelling

How this page works:


  1. Click on the name of the Province or Municipality that your school is situated in;
  2. This takes you to a page of Municipalities in your Province;
  3. Click on the Municipality in which your school is situated and you will have access to the compliance procedures, documents and telephone numbers pertinent to registering your school.
  4. If you know which Municipality your school is situated in, you can click directly into that Municipality.

Click through to your Municipality 


Map of Gauteng


Western Cape

Western Cape – still under development but there’s a lot to go on with

Western Cape


The rest of South African coming soon!

Coming Soon

  • Free State
  • Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • Limpopo
  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Eastern Cape
  • Northern Cape

 Public Downloads

Very Important Reading

If you own, or plan on owning a preschool, this is the most important book you’ll ever read..It’s Vital!

The Children’s Act

Compliance Procedures are based on the Children’s Act, and that book is a very difficult read.

Lizette Berry, and her team at UCT’s Children’s Institute wrote an easy-to-read version for us. It’s practical, only 66 pages and interesting! Click on the picture to get it!


Child Protection
Is anybody in your employ in the Crimes Database?

  • Everybody at school must be checked.
  • Do this even if you’re not registered!
  • The forms you need:
    • Form 29 – t0 check the staff
    • Form 30 – to check the Principal
    • Form 22 –  Reporting neglect or abuse of a child

Summary of the National Health Norms and Standards

The new National Health Norms and Standards have been released and we summarised all the information pertaining to South African ECD Centres.

You’ll be equipped to get a handle on all this by using the TFS Safety, Health and Cleanliness Control Checklists.

Download your checklists here
(available to subscribers immediately, otherwise
email me for a subscription)


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