Safety, Health and Cleanliness Control

 Safety, Health and Cleanliness Control

As a preschool, you safeguard children…a very serious task indeed

Safety and Health

The holistic health of your school is very, very important.  By “holistic” we refer to all aspects; functions must function, buildings are clean, safe and secure, and children are taught well.  Everybody who uses the school environment should be involved.

Two of the ways to achieve this are:

1.  School rules

Are used in a variety of ways to promote a safe environment.  Once implemented, the rules soon become part of your school’s ethos.  Some things to know about making rules:

  • Keep them simple;
  • Your staff participates in keeping the school and it’s occupants safe. This includes the following fundamental aspects:
    • The children know and follow the rules;
    • The parents understand and respect the school rules;
  • Post school rules in all the classrooms where they are clearly visible to everyone who enters;
  • When a child is enrolled at your school, provide the parents with a written copy of your school rules;
  • Be sure to address the school rules with the children on a regular basis so that they are familiar with them. For example, but not limited to:
    • Keep your hands to yourself;
    • No running indoors;
    • No biting, hitting, scratching or bad language;
    • Tell the teacher if you have a problem with another child;
    • Wash your hands before meals and after going to the toilet;
    • Don’t go near anybody else’s blood.
  • Establish a set of rules for picking up and dropping off preschoolers. For example, but not limited to:
    • Parents may have to fill out forms if other parties are going to pick up their children;
    • You may require the children to be signed in and out.

2.  Checklists

Your personal tool to manage the complete functionality of your school the way you want it. Tools for School took hundreds of tasks associated with running a pre-school and created a Daily & Weekly Checklist as well as a Quarterly Checklist for member schools to download. The checklists should be detailed and cover:

  • Cleaning Routines – Rest easy knowing that the school you run is spotlessly clean;
  • Infection Control – Crèche Syndrome is, in this writers opinion, the most taxing thing about running an ECD.  The only weapon you have is good hygiene and cleanliness;
  • Preventative Maintenance – In the ECD we environment we look after our buildings, grounds and equipment (both indoor and outdoor) throughout the year as a matter of course because it ultimately saves a lot of money;
  • Classroom Management – Keep your classrooms dynamic, productive, safe and clean;
  • Kitchen Management – Such a dangerous area in a school!  Make sure it’s sparkling clean, food is properly handled and that your supplies are safe from theft.

3.  Medicines

Be very careful with medicines. They should be kept out of reach of children, under lock and key. Only people authorised to do so, by the Principal of the school, may administer medication.

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