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Admin ToolBoxWelcome to the Admin ToolBox

An incredible library of step-by-step guidelines, up-to-date contracts, templates, forms, checklists, theme lists for managing an Early Childhood Care and Education centre.

Whatever happens at school, academic or non-academic, originates from Admin in the office.

Tools for School aims to make this as easy and efficient as possible

Benefits of using Tools for School’s Admin ToolBox

  • Time saving!
  • Avoid costly, stressful legal situations by safeguarding your school and using the correct legal documentation.
  • The Consumer Protection Act has made Enrolment procedures significantly more complex.  Please safeguard your school, by ensuring that your records are correct.

That way you can focus on the significantly more important job of making sure that your educational programme is as awesome as possible for the children!

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Each document comes with an editing guide

  • Employment – from the initial application for the job, all the forms you need, an up-to-date Employment Agreement (updated in October 2013), right through to a 6-page Code of Conduct.  Remember, the Labour Department is very strict about the Employee’s documentation being correct and complete – and they’re quick to impose fines;
  • Enrolment – ensure that your Enrolment Policy correctly protects your school and the consumer;
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures – get a good working knowledge of how this works.  This library contains step-by-step “How To’s…”, handy resources such as all the warning letters and much, much more.  All of it is specific to child care and education establishments.
  • Safety, Health and Cleanliness Control – As a pre-school, you safeguard children…a very serious task indeed. The holistic health of your school is very, very important.  By “holistic” we refer to all aspects; functions must function, buildings are clean, safe and secure, and children are taught well.  Everybody who uses the school environment should be involved.

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