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The complete guide for running an ECD Centre in S.A

Tools for School is a library and information hub for the Owners/Principals/Administrators of preschools and ECCEs. The site gives preschools and other child care centres access to vital and useful information for managing your school efficiently, making the most of your time, AND your staff’s time.

The benefit of good management is immediate and safeguards your business, and the livelihood of your staff.  In addition, it is the only real way you have of ensure that the children at your school are safe and being properly taught.

What you get for your subscription

Access to a library of step-by-step, guidelines together with Word and Excel documents/forms on employment, enrolment, safety and health.  Use the Editing Guide that comes with each form to customise them to suit your unique school. Find everything you need to manage your preschool.





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